What is Charging Station™

A digital online community designed to power you up so you can up-level your career & business.
What is Charging Station TM All About

We are here to power each other up, recharge our batteries, reignite our passions and be total bad asses while doing it.

Charging Station™ has a baseline of support and function built in. There is weekly encouragement, monthly challenges, the opportunity for accountability with Power Partners and facilitator support.

We grow faster when we grow together. Encouragement, support and high vibes are the norm in the Charging Station™ tribe. We expect you to bring your best, and get the best here.

The Core Values of the Charging Station™

Be your authentic, professional self.

Be vulnerable and open to growth.

Actively engage with your Charging Station™ tribe.

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What you get with your Monthly Charging Station™ Membership

  • Access to a Private Group
  • Monthly Challenges to Up-Level Your Biz
  • A “Super Charge Day” 1x per month
    [trained facilitators, coaches or Zee will be online actively answering your questions in the group]
  • Files & Resources
  • Regular Weekly Charge-up Post
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Peer Accountability and Engagement
  • Monthly Power Guide (emailed)

The Membership Fee is Only $25 for it’s Launch Special…This will go up to $40 in Feb 2019
(you can cancel any time)

How Do I Sign Up?…Simple As 1-2-3

#1 Pay to Get Access to this Private Group
#2 Fill Out Registration Form
#3 Start showing up to begin kicking ass and taking names

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