“I have been with Patricia for about a year now. She teaches, preaches, and lives a balanced life. Patricia works from a positive outlook. She has us reframe negativity and see things from the positive. She is a cheerleader while keeping you focused on what is going right and how to resolve anything that is not going quite as well. This year has been awesome for my business. I think a lot of people would benefit from having Patricia by their side. Thanks Patricia for all you do!” — Wannetta F.

“Z has been an awesome coach. Really helped move forward to our goals. Love her tough but always positive teaching. She is helping small business’s rock Vancouver and Portland. Can’t recommend her highly enough for balance in business and life coaching. Z Rocks!” — Karin F.

“Patricia Coash (or “Z” as she is known) is amazing at what she does. Her Aushi Mizani Methods help you to hone in on what is important to you and create a plan to live a balanced life. Her methods help with business success and life success!” — Amanda G.

“Aushi Mizani has helped me focus, organize and regain momentum in life and business.” –- Amy O.

“Most productive week I have had at work ever!” –- Eddie A.

“AM Power Meetings Keep my weeks on track and allow me to focus on my biggest goals!” –- Erik M

“In less than 2 weeks with my coach I went from not knowing if I would ever own my own business to having my first consulting appointment! Seriously quick results! Thank you!” — Denise K.