Do know what you need to do….but are just not getting it done? or….Are you amped to get going and just not sure what to do?

Do you actually want to accomplish your goals and move onto the next ones?

Well then we have the thing for you!! POWer TeamZ is a digital accountability group that will POWer your ability and give the tools you can use to kick ass in life & biz…help you bring out your inner super hero.

What is POWer TeamZ ?
It is a 6 month digital accountability and mastermind group.

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Be Your Own Super Hero

What Does POWer TeamZ Include?

• Weekly 1 Hour Zoom Call (app is available for phone or laptop)
• Structured 6 Month Curriculum
• Systems and Resources
• Monthly Mini-Training Sessions
• Time Management & Clarity Exercises
• Help with Identifying What You NEED to Do
• Accountability in All Areas of Your Life and Biz
• Goal Setting
• Peer Partners
• Quarterly Brainstorming Sessions
• Guest Facilitators
• Plan Reviews: Business, Marketing, Life (etc…)
• Years of Experience from Your Coach and Guest Speakers

What Will POWer TeamZ Do For Me?

Through CLARITY, INTENTIONAL GOALS & ACCOUNTABILITY…this is a support group of professional level ‘doers’ who will press you to step up your thinking, kick your ass when you need it and be your biggest super fans.

This program has been so successful live, in five different states over the past 15 years that we knew we had to take it digital when the time was right…and that time is now.

How Do I Sign Up?…Simple As 1-2-3

#1 Pay to Reserve Your Spot
#2 Fill Out Registration Form
#3 Show up to begin kicking ass and taking names

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