Do you love to learn in a group setting? How about taking time away to get some amazing focus on your life and business?

Learning is the only way to change the decisions you make or the way you make them. Its the only way to ensure greater success.

Aushi Mizani is rooted in stopping the insanity of how business is being done today. Now is the time!!



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The Intentional Networking Crowd (aka…IN Crowd TM) is designed to grow your network faster and more efficiently than you’ve ever experienced in the past.

We have unlocked the secrets to efficient AND effective networking and are using / teaching these secrets at the IN Crowd™.

We are focused on the fact that everyone refers to people that they know, respect, and trust; we are a results oriented crowd. We focus on where we can all grow the fastest.

We have spent years networking, growing professional relationships and honing our skills. You probably have too. We got frustrated with all the booze, food, coffee and the lack of quality leads or referrals. If you are finding the same frustrations, reach out to or to see about getting an invitation to the IN Crowd

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What is Charging Station all about?

This is a private group and monthly membership where we power each other up, recharge our batteries and be total bad asses while doing it. This group is designed to provide tools and support so you can uplevel in your life & biz

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One hour a week with on a digital video call with a dedicated coach. You also get you an instant support team with the 7 other business professionals in the group. This is a 6 month commitment.

As a team member you will get:

  • One hour digital team coaching every week
  • Monthly guest coach
  • Weekly email support with supplemental resources and help
  • Quarterly brainstorming session

How Do I Sign Up?…Simple As 1-2-3

#1 Pay to Reserve Your Spot
#2 Fill Out Registration Form
#3 Show up to begin kicking ass and taking names

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Currently there are no scheduled CourseZ
Custom CourseZ available, please contact for details


Contact us if have questions or are interested in learning more



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