In the Coaching with Zee you may coach directly with Zee herself or with one of our trained coaches that follow the Aushi Mizani Method.

We are committed to supporting the growth and goals of our clients through a variety of ways…all you need to do is find the right fit for you (and if you are not sure…just ask and we are happy to help).

Coaching with Zee offers:

Strategy Sessions
A 60 minute focused meeting to create a single strategy and execution plan customized for you.

  • Get unstuck and unfucked
  • To get totally clear
  • Create a strategy to achieve your goals and dreams

You will be send a questionnaire ahead of time to make certain that the time used during the session if effective and laser focused. 7 days after the session you will receive a follow up email.

$1000 per Session

One on One Coaching 
3 month (minimum) coaching commitment where we will tackle your goals and make a plan. What makes this different than a Strategy Session is that there is on going accountability and this is results driven, so there will be a goal you will achieve in 90 days.

$2000 per Month / 3 Month Commitment
Discount for full payment

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