“Aushi” means lifelong, enduring or forever. “Mizani” is the action verb to balance. Aushi Mizani means the act of lifelong balance.

Balancing one’s life requires constant action, adjustment and evaluation. Understanding what and how to evaluate in your life and business brings clarity. Clarity allows you to make the adjustments needed to keep your life and business in balance.

We are committed to supporting the growth and goals of our clients through a variety of ways…Aushi Mizani offers:


Corporate Coaching

It’s not just getting people on the bus

Multiple options of training and coaching for every level within your organization. From customer service/front line to C Suite and everything in between.

  • Executive retreats
  • Team building
  • Communication skills
  • Learn “How They Think” so you know how to talk to them
  • Leadership training

Customized training is always available. For a pricing quote please contact us.

Keynote and Corporate Speaking
Coach Zee brings to the table an active, engaging experience the will energize and challenge corporate groups big and small.  Contact us to discuss.

Contact us to learn more about Aushi Mizani services or to book Coach Zee for an speaking engagement:



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