Strategy Session

Overwhelmed in your day to day life? Out of ideas on how to get it all done? In a funk – need “defunkifying”? Ready for a quick “tune-up”?

If you can identify with any ONE of these questions it is time to set up your Strategy Session today!

You will get: An hour of one-on-one coaching about a specific topic or challenge where we will look at a new perspective on the topic or challenge. This is a creative collaborative partner to create the goal to resolve the challenge. We will create a realistic 30 – 90 day plan to address the goal that will resolve the challenge

Individual / Team Coaching

Our A.M. Power Team clients are self-driven, goal oriented and darn busy folks.  They have a sound plan and a set of SMART goals.  Perhaps they have even MAPS for their goals.  They just want someone who is in their corner every week, holding them accountable for their goals.  Rather than full coaching, A.M. Power Teams  offers to hold your feet to the fire while you Get Stuff Done!

Power Teams: Foundational Level Coaching
Systems – Strategies – Structures that support balancing: Life & Business Success…….You will learn to handle your calendar, manage and execute weekly task actions….SMART Goal Training…These power team members are new to business, new to their position, and/ or new to entrepreneurship. They may be challenged with time management, task and goal attainment, and/or work life balance. This coaching level provides the foundation for all of the additional levels and for a lifetime of success.

Power Teams: Power Team Mastery

Take your Systems – Strategies – Structures maintain and adjust on the fly while maintaining balance

Power Teams: Power Team Life Design
Designing you life around transitioning from full time to full time “play”. Take your Systems – Strategies – Structures maintain and adjust on the fly while maintaining balance

Team Mizani: Diversity Level Coaching
Team Mizani members have already enjoyed some amount of success personally and professionally. These folks are ready to expand how they utilize their assets in life and diversify their income streams. They may be looking at expansion, up-scaling, or franchising.  Additional challenges they face may include staffing, management, and information flow.

Team Aushi: Executive Level Coaching
This level of coaching is reserved for folks who are looking toward retirement, selling their business(es), or a major life transition. Some have crafted their life design and are looking to business succession planning, or are dealing with Boards of Directors. They are ready to transition to more time freedom and less time at work.

Corporate Coaching

Continuing Education Workshops/Courses
Curriculum Based Coaching Sessions
Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Coaching Sessions