“Aushi” means lifelong, enduring or forever.  “Mizani” is the action verb to balance. Aushi Mizani means the act of lifelong balance; or balancing one’s life forever.

Balancing one’s life requires constant action, adjustment and evaluation. Understanding what and how to evaluate in your life and business brings clarity.  Clarity allows you to make the adjustments needed to keep your life and business in balance.

The Aushi Mizani Method offers a variety of customized coaching and training options that uses personal development skills and authentic principles to achieve greater success throughout work and life. Aushi Mizani integrates integrity, clarity, honesty, authentic principles and partnership to uncover fresh perspective, shape lives and empower positive change.

Where It All Started

The core of the Aushi Mizani Method was developed over 16 years ago and was originally a smaller module within a course written for the State of California.  This module, Caring for the Caregiver, really resonated with our clients.  Over 80% of them asked for more training from that specific module. People wanted to learn real-life methods to care for themselves while working in a demanding industry.  They wanted to learn aushi mizani. Over the years, the Aushi Mizani Method grew as a direct result of conversations and training with our clients.  As they asked for greater depth and breadth, we responded.  They asked for a customized approach.

Our Mission

To train business professionals using personal development skills to achieve greater success throughout work and life.

To provide a customized coaching experience that guides clients to greater balance in all areas of life. We do this through uncovering fresh perspective and supporting authentic principles for success.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Clarity, Balance, Partnership, Success


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