How Are You Showing Up?

show up ready for success

When you go into a meeting or show up for a job, how are you received? The way we show up makes a bit difference in having success. If you show up with a positive attitude and outlook…well things are bound to end on a positive note. Click and watch to find out how to show up and how not to show up. Be sure to leave a comment and check in with us!

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Hey, Coach Z. I empower entrepreneurs with executive mindsets to unfuck themselves and live the life they’ve been dreaming of today. Today I want to ask you how are you showing up and I’m specifically talking about whether you’re showing up as motivated or desperate. There’s two mindsets asset-based thinking or debit makes thinking. Asset-based thinking if you engage in that and if you’re practicing that you’re going to show up motivated. You’re going to come across as energized positive capable and motivated.You’re going to come across as optimistic and someone capable of solving problems. You see with asset-based thinking you turn on your brains potentialities and its possibilities instead of shutting it down, the way that it happens in debit based thinking. So are you showing up motivated or shown up desperate. You see debit based thinking we look at what’s wrong what we’re lacking what we don’t have and it’s an easy trap to fall into our entire society is hardwired around it. All of our news is based on fear mongering and yet when we show up with that vibe we show up desperate. It is true repulsion to potential clients and investors and vendors. No one wants to do business with someone who’s desperate. No one wants to have a friend who’s desperate no one wants that disease and it might be catchy.So when you’re showing up and your attitude and your mindset is in the toilet, you’re going to get what’s in the toilet…you’re gonna shit, ok. So how are you showing up showing up motivated or desperate. Only you can answer that but you can find out if its truth by looking at how people are responding to you. So let me know how your networking and your meetings are going in the comments below and we can find out and find poon whether it’s asset-based thinking that you’re engaging in for the shit stuff. Don’t forget sign up for the newsletter click on the link below and check out the website, alright. Coach Z, empowering entrepreneurs with executive mindset to unfuck themselves and live the life they’ve been dreaming of today

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