Know Thyself

Do you know yourself

So do you know yourself? Really…do you acknowledge who you are? If you are not actively working within what makes you tick, then you could be self-sabotaging in your life, your relationships and your business. Watch the video and learn more about what you should know about you (say that ten times fast!). Be sure to leave a comment and click the links for eNewsletter or visit website.

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Hey it’s Coach Z and I empower entrepreneurs with executive mindsets to unfuck themselves and live the life they’ve been dreaming of today. And today we’re talking about knowing thyself. How well do you really know yourself? Do you know your best motivators, your inhibitors and your triggers? Motivators are things that get us through our dark and dreary spots. They are big goals and dreams, they are the things that we can hang our hat on whether were climbing through the quicksand or scrambling through the desert. So what motivates you? If it is awards and recognition, own that shit. Get a big old wall filled with it, that’s fine. If the motivator factor for you is when your client or your student gets that aha moment and they just get it…if that lights your soul on fire, then owned that and plan your life in such a way that you get to do more of it. So what are the things that motivate you? Be real with yourself, really know your motivators! Okay, what are the inhibitors? What are the things that stall you out and keep you from wanting to do things? Is it too much paperwork? Is it too many numbers, emotional conflict, financial stress? What are the things that just stall you out or inhibit your action? You’ve got to know this too, so you don’t set your life up you have a bunch of it all over the place. If you find an emotional conflict is something that just always you out and you have a whole bunch of groups of friends that don’t get along, you’ve probably subconsciously set yourself up for failure to…stop that shit! Okay figure out what works for you: your motivators and what doesn’t…your inhibitors and finally your triggers. Triggers are emotional triggers that shut off your logic and just shoot you to the moon. We all have been where we’ve been over-reactive where the adrenals have gone off and all of a sudden you have adrenaline going and we’re just in fight-or-flight. Often its fight, sometimes its flight. I don’t know. But emotional triggers shut down every other process and all we’re doing is being in a wash of that emotional space. So what your triggers? If you don’t know what they are you  really are at their whim. So you’ve got to understand yourself well enough to know what triggers you and avoid those things. If one of the triggers if someone in your life you really need to take a look at that. If it is someone in your business, again you really need to take a look at that and find out what’s going on and why that situation is still there. So how well do you know yourself? What motivates you, what inhibits you and what triggers you? Do more of your motivators and get less and less of the others in your life. So let me know how it goes in the comments below and sign up for the newsletter and check out the website in the links below. Thanks so much! Have a motivating day!

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