Things Are Changing

Things must change

Just a heads up that you are going to start to see a very different Z. I have been holding back way to long and have tried to keep it nicey-nicey. Well, no more of that! You will still get the same coaching and life-balance guidance, just in a slightly different, more authentic package. Click on the video and check it out…

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Hey Coach Z here. I’m going to give you a little heads up. Things are going to be changing a bit in my video presentations. I found that I was working too hard at being politically correct and trying to get things just so and I wasn’t being my bold authentic self. So that’s over you’re going to hear some F bombs, you’re going to hear some curse words, things are going to get real because that’s who I am when I coach face-to-face with my clients. I pull a rectal craniectomy whenever it’s needed if they’re fucking around with their life I’m going to call them on it. I care and I want our lives…your life…my life to be meaningful, deliberate and joyous. So there’s not going to be as much pansy-assing around.We’re going to be real and authentic here we’re going to be bold and we’re going to be decisive. So hopefully you are going to join along with Coach Z as I empower entrepreneurs with executive mindsets to unfuck themselves and live the life they have been dreaming of today. Share some comments in the notes below check out the website below and be sure to click on the link sign up for the newsletter. Alright peace out, see you later

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