Let’s Celebrate

got to celebrate the little wins

We have all had a tough day, where we look at the long list of tasks or huge project we have on our plate. It can be difficult not to get tunnel vision and get down on ourselves…but today we are going to focus on the little things. Watch the video below and leave a comment below about how you can celebrate the little wins each day.

Hi Z here with Aushi Mizani and today we’re going to talk about celebrating the little wins. Every day you have little wins in your work in your life, in your relationships and when we take the time to celebrate those we stimulate our brain in ways we are currently not. We trigger for our brain a habit of looking for the positive I habit of finding the positive and that builds more success and more motivation. So by celebrating the little winds were actually building toward bigger successes every single day and yeah it may take a moment, that moment is so worth it in the long run because that moment adds up to the big successes that you’ve written down in your goals for your future. So today celebrate those little wins with me write a few down and share them with me below I’d love to hear what you’re celebrating today.

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