Are You Interested…or Committed?

It is time to ask the hard questions in your pursuits. By determining if you are truly committed, you will know if you want to invest your time. Whether this is regarding a hobby, business endeavor or even a volunteer opportunity…watch the video below and ask the tough questions. Leave your questions or opinions in the comments below.

Hi Z here with Aushi Mizani. Ken Blanchard once said there’s a difference between committed and interested. If you’re interested in doing something you’ll do it only when it’s convenient. If you’re committed to doing something you will accept no excuses only results and that’s our topic today. Are you interested or are you committed? When you’re interested you’ll do a little research you’ll start with a lot of excitement you’ll easily be distracted and you will lose interest. Things that are interesting don’t hold us for long. When you’re committed however you’ll start with a plan you’ll do a lot of research you will be fully engaged and you will accept no compromise and you will accept no excuses only results. You will show progress. So many of us live our life interested what would happen if we lived our life committed committed to the most important things to our life whether that’s your family; whether it’s your faith; whether it’s your business; whether it yourself. If you lived a life committed what could you do. Let’s talk about the difference and how that looks in our life in the comments below. Are you interested? Are you committed? Let me know

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