Get Your Goal On!

Get Your Goal One

Goals…yup, written goals to be exact. Why? These are an important piece of the puzzle that can help you attain success. When you write it down you are more likely to take action. Watch the video below to learn more. And please comment below to help start the conversation!

Hi Z with Aushi Mizani and with this year coming to a close to look at next year’s goals one of the critical factors entertaining your goals for next year is writing about. Did you know that you’re up to eighty percent more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down?  Also it’s been shown through studies that less than seventeen percent of the adult US population actually write their goals down. So if you do this you’re going to be among the elite and that’s worthy. Finally when you write your goals down you engage parts of your brain that you’re not right now. You’re going to engage your subconscious and it will look for opportunities to succeed in your goals. You’re also going to eliminate vagueness in your goals which gives your brain and your subconscious something to actually chew on. And work toward so write down your day goals…and leave a comment below, because this year you’re going to rock with written goals.


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